So why join a group?

That is such a great question! The reasons I created the Rooted Relationships 101 Training are many.

1. Some things can be better taught and learned through utilizing more than our prefrontal cortex alone. They are learned through experience and witnessing, metaphor and repetition. When one couple gets to watch another couple grapple with a similar, but not identical, issue, they inherently shift perspective on their own issue. They see how they’re different and how they’re the same. They may even be able to giggle or see the absurd in the other couple where it feels deadly serious in their own relationship.

​2. It’s a good use of your finances. When I was doing exclusively private couples therapy, I often found myself repeating the same vital information. I would go off on a tangent and lecture for a few minutes. . . thinking to myself, this really isn’t the best use of time here! And so I created the group. Couples therapy is a LOT of learning new material, doing exercises that can be done easily in a group format. It is not efficient to spend critical time in private therapy to address topics that can be absorbed just as well – or better – in a group setting.

3. Groups utilize our tribe mentality. So much of what I teach is simply about paying better attention. This is NOT rocket science. But we forget! It’s so easy to forget and slip back into habits. When you’re part of a group and each week, folks are sharing how the week went, it acts as a reminder. You feel part of a team, a tribe that is all focusing on the same goal – to improve relationships. Sure, it takes hard work, but more than that, it takes remembering. The Group format encourages that remembering.

2024 Winter Module:
Wednesdays, 4:30 – 6:30 PM PST

  • 1/24: Intentions / Family Values – Becoming the SAME TEAM
  • (Week off)
  • 2/7: Self Reflection – How learning about yourself supports the relationship
  • 2/14: Valentine’s Day!  Basic Neuroscience – Understanding how wiring changes everything
  • (Week off / school vacation)
  • 2/28: Arousal Regulation / How to Calm Down – How to soothe and be soothed
  • 3/6: Differences – Attachment Styles & Love Languages
  • 3/13: Fighting – never do it again!  How to engage in conflict in a sacred, honoring, and safe way
  • 3/20: Sexy Time
  • 3/27: Routines that Support Your Relational Garden
  • (Week off / school vacation)
  • 4/10: Bringing it All Together – How to Maintain What You’ve Learned
Optional Add-on:  Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session
All sessions are recorded in the event that you need to miss a week here or there.  It’s also acceptable to have just one member attend live and for the other to watch the recording.

What’s included?


  • 1  Private sessions (75 minutes, value: $425)
  • 10 Weekly Group Sessions 2 hours 

  • Weekly Homework (couple exercises, journal invitations etc)
  • Learning Materials: video content, pre-recorded audio meditations, handouts
  • Breathwork Workshop with yogini Alana Lee, founder of High Frequency Loft.
  • Twice monthly Marco Polo (video messaging) for contact between sessions.
  • Reduced Price: Intentional Marriage: 10 Weeks to Ignite Kindness, Connection, Playfulness & Passion, by Lily Eggers.

Investment: $2597

Next 10 Week Rooted Relationships Couples Group starts January, 2024.

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